Welcome to 2BSecure Inc.

Being victimized by hackers and losing control of your data is not inevitable. At 2BSecure Inc., we believe that organizations can both exploit information technology and completely protect their intellectual assets and systems. We firmly believe in thoughtful information technology architecture, strict configuration management, properly articulated policies/procedures and prudent technology investments. Services 2BSecure Inc. can provide include:

  • Information Security Program Planning/Consulting/Evaluation/Audit
  • Information Security Technical Architecture
  • Application Security
  • Data Protection
  • Ransomware Protection/Response
  • Intellectual Property Technical Protection Measures
  • Cloud Security
  • BYOD/Mobile Device Security
  • Information Security Product Evaluation
  • Information Security Training/Specialty Briefings
  • Advisory Board/Board of Directors Engagements

Information security can be complicated and enigmatic. 2BSecure Inc. can help you demystify technology security risk and identify cost-effective solutions.  

2BSecure is not associated with 2bsecure in Israel (http://www.2bsecure.co.il)